There are many ways to support us at Fundabusinessfoundation:

donate to our cause, link us up to beautiful opportunities.


Being a leading nonprofit organization for young graduates and business owners, Regardless of age, income or background, we hope to give everyone in our community the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive even beyond our wildest imaginations. To make this possible, fundabusinessfoundation depends on support from members, donors, Volunteers, philanthropists and sponsors

We offer a variety of ways for everyone to get involved in our work for a better community. whether you are looking to help mentor business owners, donate materials, funding, promotions, there’s always something you to do with us.

so why not join us today.

About Us

Fundabusiness Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims at raising funds to support small business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria who have no access to funds to start or continue their businesses.

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