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Your Business is Our Focus
Raising funds and Supporting Businesses to their Full potential.
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Equipping Businesses one step at a time
Our aim is to help businesses stand on their feet by supporting them one step at a time

Our Vision

Reshaping the lives of small & growing businesses in Nigeria through financial empowerment that would drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.

Our Mission

To increase access to funds to small and growing businesses in Nigeria on a sustainable basis.

Our Objectives

Alleviation of business funding challenges • Provision & access to find opportunities • Facilitation of business empowerment of Nigerian citizens

With SME's contributing approx. 1% of GDP compared to 40% in Asian countries and 50% in the US or Europe, we see not only billions of opportunities to take in those countries but also billions of lives to improve.

Fundabusiness foundation also helps with

Business Promotions

Fundabusiness helps starting businesses get thier businesses promoted till it reaches its targeted audience .

Donation of Work Materials

We assist and help struggling and growing businesses get materials and equipments that will help businesses grow.

Raise Funding

The biggest challenge small businesses have  is trying to source for fund and capital, fundabusiness foundation seeks to help businesses raise funds to work and grow,

Business Registration

The process and procedures of getting a Business registered can be so tedious and tiring, we assist you in getting through these obstacles.

With your Help

We Can Raise Funds & Get Small Businesses standing.

We look forward to achieve our goal of raising funds to support viable small businesses and entrepreneurs through donations from the public, individuals, groups, & organizations set up for youth empowerment and organizations willing to support our vision.

Our Core Values

About Us

Fundabusiness Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims at raising funds to support small business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria who have no access to funds to start or continue their businesses.

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